Friday, January 30, 2009

Balmain = pure, unadulterated eye candy

...these are beautiful, with and without the rip in the knee:

Obviously, on my current student budget, I can't afford Balmain but I found a cousin that could (read: COULD but not really) substitute. See below from Pixie Market.

To continue speaking of the magic that is currently Christophe Decarnin (I thought Fall 2008 would be hard to beat, but Spring 2009 is just as hot), I'm also liking these studded pencil skirts of different lengths.

I think I may revamp a purple mini-skirt with some studs and zippers inspired by these babies. The skirt was bought faded so perhaps the studs and zippers will be of the extra shiny variety to really show an old/new contrast.

Pictures to come tonight as I have finally gotten my hands on a workable camera (quality not that great, but will do!).

WISHLIST addition:
The black and white bleach jeans a la the Balmain photo above. (Photos:

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