Thursday, October 29, 2009

For wino evenings

How cool are these kitchen lights?!

By OOOMS from Holland.

Check them out here!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall in Montreal

C'est moi, encore

Stole a friend's glasses for the night! There's a twinkle in my eye! ;)

Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This hot, little number from Pixie Market!

Doesn't it remind you of those Balmain minidresses they had going last year (or was it Fall 2007)?

Also this two piece-r, also from Pixie Market. LOVE the back!

I want, I want!


Bianca Balti

One of my favorite faces. Did you know that this Italian girl was rejected a few times from modeling agencies initially for being too "plain looking?"

I guess she is more "pretty" than "unique looking" like Freja or Lara Stone or Bruna Tenorio... It's no wonder she's done Guess (...I know!), Revlon, Victoria's Secret, Guerlain cosmetics, etc.

Have a great day, everyone! :)



Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello? My super summer tan? Can you come back, please?

Little pieces of the Balearic Islands in Espana (NOT Ibiza!)


Went to carefully handpicked (read: non-touristy) parts of Mallorca this past summer. Completely roasted myself in the sun (60SPF sunscreen...reapplied well, though).

I tan so much so fast - I LOVE IT! But it goes away just as fast.... :(

The last photo is this little cove beach that was a downhill 30-minute walk from the town we spent a few days in. Absolutely amazing walk - great view - and we'd walk through olive, orange and lemon groves. The photo before the last one is from the walk back magical. *sigh*

Wish I was there again...

Instead I'll go back to reading about International Trade...


Lord Byron


LV campaign has a typo

So I just viewed the LV campaign for their new store in Ulan Bator, Mongolia...and the English version has a typo!

It's nicely done but the typo disappointed me a little. I sent them an email via their site....but who knows if it will actually get to the right peeps.

Check it out here:

In these "tough economic times," Ulan Bator must show promise of luxury purchase since LV is opening up a store there. Quite a contrast to the several stores that luxe brands have closed down recently in Tokyo and the rest of Japan!

RS :)

Mediterranean beaches

If you want to feel like you're on a hot vacation (particularly as the weather gets cooler in the Northern half of the world!), check out Massimo Vitali's website HERE.

Click on "CURRENT PROJECT" to see what I'm talking about.

This Italian photographer's key interest is in photographing "herds of people" - as you'll see from his themes - European vacations, discos, pools.

you definitely want to click to make it larger!

I saw his exhibit this past summer at the well-known FOAM gallery in Amsterdam, and fell in love! It's said that the PRADA S/S 2010 prints were inspired by such themes as in the current project. No surprise as the colors are so vivid and gorgeous!

FYI: I think you should make sure the sound is on when you check out his website - it's beautiful and makes me feel like I'm waking up early in the morning to the sounds of the ocean.



Photo from

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fishtail braids

So after all the gaga over Alexander Wang's messy sidebraid, here's something I like a little bit more: The Fish Tail braid!

Serena Van der Woodsen wore this a few episodes ago on Gossip Girl and I've been dying to try it.

Here's a video I found if you're interested:

Also HERE CosmoGirl shows you how!

Enjoy! :)

When I try it, I'll post photos!


Stoop Sesh

My friend is obsessed with stoops, so walking through the West Village on a Sunday, we made my friend Josh click so many photos of the 3 of us on stoops.

This one turned out to be a gem! Click for a larger version.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

C'est moi!

good times in the lovely Fall weather!

PS: In photo #2, there's a tree in the hair ain't THAT frizzy! :)

RS :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just ONE of many amazements at McQueen S/S 2010

photo from:

Back to the Apple

Does anyone know why the call New York the big apple?

I'm headed there with my best Montreal girlfriends this weekend.

We're actually staying in my old neighborhood - Murray Hill!

My favorite part about this 'hood was that, on nice days, accompanied by your iPod, you could walk anywhere..........even to the UWS in about 45/50 minutes. And walking through each different neighborhood on the way was like trekking through a few different cities.


Photos to come later. See you again on Tuesday!


photo from The Sartorialist.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hold the braces

The hottest faces right now have a little gap between the teeth.

Check out: Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger and Jessica Hart.


RS ;)

Jeffrey Campbell - we salute you

Remember seeing the hot, hot metal wedges from ACNE everywhere this summer?

Here's Alexa Chung sporting them. (I love her, by the way!)

They're normally retail for $500-ish (USD), but my darling Jeffrey Campbell has a very similar pair for.......$98 (USD). Get them HERE.

Obviously, they are on major, MAJOR back order. But, ladies, if you're a student like me....chop, chop, get to it! :)


Friday, October 02, 2009

The lips

I've been so obsessed with the Prada S/S 2010 lips that I finally ran out to Holt Renfrew and threw down $35 (student cash, FYI ;) on the lipstick - NARS Heat Wave.

LOVING IT! Can't stop wearing it.

It's a semi-matte - but it's freaking dry. I recommend a coat of chapstick (nothing too greasy though) before you swipe this hot shade across your lips.




Oh my - just saw these on

Holy shit - i like. I'm loving the color usage - Bravo, Mr. Ghesquière!

What's truly sexy (TO ME) is combining masculine and feminine elements in an amazing way...because, come on - anyone can look sexy in a cocktail dress or any old LBD. That dress (photo #2) is begging for a DIY!


Thursday, October 01, 2009


knightcat just put up photos of the Balmain s/s 2010.

Very medieval, warrior-princess inspired if you ask me. Loving the subtle richness of the bronzey/gold color.

This outfit is totally me! Except that I'd wear a bra and probably a mesh tank to remain public-appropriate. So glad grunge will be here a bit longer.



I've been wearing these earrings everyday for the past week.

F21: $9

Looks good with my dark hair. It would stand out more if you're blonde, and would look just amazing if you're a redhead.


blonde ambition avant-garde

My post below re: Madonna and her Blonde Ambition stage - red lips, platinum hair and dark, contrasting eyebrows reminded me of one of my favorite U.S. Vogue covers.

2007 Sienna Miller....featuring those very same Blonde Ambition featurettes.

Don't you think?



Madonna is definitely a lasting style icon. I can't think of anyone else who has lasted nearly 3 decades, reinventing themselves each time....successfully (you gotta admit, even if you didn't actually like a certain look, she did manage to pull it off!).

Above is Madonna in some Balmain. Below is also a clip to her latest video featuring that Balmain dress.

Refinery29 has thrown together a Madonna-by-the-decade style reinvention cheat sheet. Check it out here.

My favorite was her conical-bra-blonde-ambition phase where she exclusively wore MAC'S Russian Red lipstick, had dark, dark eyebrows and platinum hair.

Above is Madonna in some Balmain. Below is also a clip to her last video featuring that Balmain dress.

Gimme some bold shoulders!

photos: and refinery39

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


by 10magazine.

they tout Prada's s/s 2010 show as having the catchiest soundtrack.

Check it out HERE.




This photo by Garance is making me want to (desperately and quickly) bring back volumes of color into my wardrobe.

For nearly a year now (and especially since I began school again in January), I've been dressing in blacks, whites, grays, midnight blues.....and only punctuating with color - bold red lips, fuchsia lips, a hot pink scarf, a red scarf or the insanely colorful Hermes my boyfriend got me for Xmas a couple of years ago.

The above plan has been doing well for my student budget too - I just accessorize to make it look newish for the everyday.

BUT NOW.......Garance, you're going to make me pull out my credit cards to bring back colors!

Oops. :)



Not the beer (which is also good on occasion but heavy enough to qualify as a liquid meal).....

BUT I'm talking about Daphne Guinness. Here's a photo of here from Purple Diary at Cafe de Flore in Paris.'s a another photo of her with her signature super-blonde hair with black highlights.

She recently collaborated with David LaChappelle. Read all about it here. Here's an excerpt - sounds amazing!:
"Sometimes twenty hour shoots in a day, from the deepest jungle to the volcanic cliffs, moving sets and equipment constantly. Working directly with the elements, the downpours, changing height and distances and moving the equipment has all been a challenge. The results are completely remarkable."

....If you don't know who she is...well, she's been around in the fashion scene for a while. She's a former model who married Mr. Shipping Heir, Niarchos back in the day and has two handsome Niarchos boys now (you know who I mean). She also blogs for Starworksny.

Love a woman with interesting style....who keeps it interesting through the years! Can't teach these things.

RS :)