Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Not the beer (which is also good on occasion but heavy enough to qualify as a liquid meal).....

BUT I'm talking about Daphne Guinness. Here's a photo of here from Purple Diary at Cafe de Flore in Paris.'s a another photo of her with her signature super-blonde hair with black highlights.

She recently collaborated with David LaChappelle. Read all about it here. Here's an excerpt - sounds amazing!:
"Sometimes twenty hour shoots in a day, from the deepest jungle to the volcanic cliffs, moving sets and equipment constantly. Working directly with the elements, the downpours, changing height and distances and moving the equipment has all been a challenge. The results are completely remarkable."

....If you don't know who she is...well, she's been around in the fashion scene for a while. She's a former model who married Mr. Shipping Heir, Niarchos back in the day and has two handsome Niarchos boys now (you know who I mean). She also blogs for Starworksny.

Love a woman with interesting style....who keeps it interesting through the years! Can't teach these things.

RS :)

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