Sunday, March 01, 2009

Crumply, Creasy, Slouchy Chic

I LOVE slouchy tees, oversized tees (boyfriend better watch out!), cardigans, etc., and pairing them with really feminine pieces like pencil skirts, mini skirts and the like.

On a kind of similar note, creasy/crumply leggings from Missoni's FW2009 collection! Looks amazing with the well-fitted, and well-knit top halves of the delicious is that oversized cowl neck - oh la la!

Plus, anyone who knows me knows how much I love shorts - any time of year! So when I saw photo #2 below, I had to give them an automatic thumbs up.

In other news, I am currently reworking two pieces of clothing that I had mentioned earlier. Soon to come: the BEFORE and AFTER versions of these.

Also, how many of you are on Twitter? Send me a quick email or comment if you are on it. Would love to know what you think of it. I'm trying to stay away from it....but keep getting tempted to join.

Also found the silk version of the above from the Lakme Mumbai Fashion Week - Fall 2008 coverage by I LIKE!

click for larger version

Bye lovelies!



The Stiletto Effect said...

This is a great collection.
Like you I also love oversized tees, etc...

modern antoinette said...

Great looks. A big sweater is kind of a required acquisition for life in Montreal.

Cute blog. I just wanted to spread the love to a fellow Montreal blogger.


kaitlyn said...

i love the whole derelict thing missoni is doing. unusual for them, but still recognizably missoni. so perfect.