Friday, March 06, 2009

A new form of style creativity

are you sure ?
are you sure ? - by popbarb on

Just read about on Refinery 29. Very interesting concept - basically a place to share all of your inspiration-ish boards online. Throw in some creativity like backgrounds, writing, etc. and voila - another online community!


Now if only my world was surrounded by all you style fanatics OFFLINE as much as it is online. :)

PS: Thanks for the recent comments and messages! :)

More to come...
Galliano & Dior / old romantics
Galliano & Dior / old romantics - by popbarb on


Stephanie said...

Look at those pink S O L E S!!!!!!! So HOT!!


No Heart Warming Stories. said...

the last outfit is to die for. I love your blog, we should exchange links.