Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fishtail braids

So after all the gaga over Alexander Wang's messy sidebraid, here's something I like a little bit more: The Fish Tail braid!

Serena Van der Woodsen wore this a few episodes ago on Gossip Girl and I've been dying to try it.

Here's a video I found if you're interested:

Also HERE CosmoGirl shows you how!

Enjoy! :)

When I try it, I'll post photos!



Kendra said...

I love this plait and i always wear it in my hair when i dont know what to do with it, its great!
Thanks for the comment also :)

Dylana said...

I love this so much! Look intricate, but effortless!


syd vicious said...

Sweeet tutorials! I really want to try this now, I love how fishtail braids look. :)

Talisa said...

I loove the braid!!