Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello? My super summer tan? Can you come back, please?

Little pieces of the Balearic Islands in Espana (NOT Ibiza!)


Went to carefully handpicked (read: non-touristy) parts of Mallorca this past summer. Completely roasted myself in the sun (60SPF sunscreen...reapplied well, though).

I tan so much so fast - I LOVE IT! But it goes away just as fast.... :(

The last photo is this little cove beach that was a downhill 30-minute walk from the town we spent a few days in. Absolutely amazing walk - great view - and we'd walk through olive, orange and lemon groves. The photo before the last one is from the walk back magical. *sigh*

Wish I was there again...

Instead I'll go back to reading about International Trade...


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